Camp Punksylvania announces full 2023 lineup
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Camp Punksylvania has announced its full lineup for this year. The Suicide Machines, A Wilhelm Scream, War On Women, Escape From the Zoo, Mikey Erg, Homeless Gospel Choir, The Bar Stool Preachers, Stop The Presses, Dissidente,Jon Snodgrass,Fat Heaven, and Froggy are among the bands announced. These bands join the previously announced first-wave lineup of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Tsunami Bomb, The Potato Pirates, Belvedere, The Dollyrots, and ASMR. Camp Punksylvania will take place September 1-3 at the Circle Drive-In in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Check out the lineup in full below.

Camp Punksylvania full 2023 lineup

The Suicide Machines

A Wilhelm Scream

Tsunami Bomb

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

War On Women

The Dollyrots

Escape From the Zoo

The Bar Stool Preachers

The Potato Pirates


Mikey Erg

Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One

Homeless Gospel Choir

River City Rebels


Fat Chance

Jon Snodgrass

Working Class Stiffs

The What Nows?!

Stop The Presses


Pity Party

Doc Rotten

Dead 77

The Jasons

The Squalors

Teen Mortgage

Tail Light Rebellion

The Car Bomb Parade

Dead Rest


Cardboard Homestead

Oh, The Humanity!

Freeze Me

The Mostly Dead

Scott Reynolds

Coffee With Lions


Black Guy Fawkes and The Co-Conspirators

Condition Oakland

Suburban Downgrade

Sweet Anne Marie