Sincere Engineer

Sincere Engineer have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Cheap Grills and will be out on September 22 via Hopeless Records. A video for their new song “California King” has also been released. The video was written and produced by Deanna Belos and the band performances were filmed by Eric Mott. Sincere Engineer will be playing on select dates of the Sad Summer Festival this July and released Bless My Psyche in 2021. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Cheap Grills Tracklist

1. Anemia

2. California King

3. Old Coat Pocket

4. Landline

5. Fireplace

6. Code Orange

7. Inside My Head

8. Library of Broken Bindings

9. Scratched

10. A Touch of Hell

11. Cinderblocks

12. Blind Robin