Ways Away, Decent Criminal, Virginity, more to play Pre-Pre Fest and Pre-Fest
Contributed by desertburst92, Posted by Festivals & Events

Pre-Pre-Fest and Pre-Fest have announced their lineups for this year. Ways Away, Decent Criminal, Audio Karate, Carpool, Virginity, The Dreaded Laramie, Debt Neglector, Suck Brick Kid, Don’t Panic, Boss’ Daughter, Hunger Anthem, and Rodeo Boys will be playing on both dates. Hey Thanks!, Rare Bloom, Updog, Goalkeeper, Outatime!, Winona Fighter, Slackrr, Worst Advice, Desert Sharks, and Worried Sick will be joining the above lineup on the Orlando date only. The Slow Death, Teen Agers, Protagonist, and Danny Attack will be joining the core lineup on the Gainesville date only. Pre-Pre-Fest will take place on October 25 at Will’s Pub in Orlando and Pre-Fest will take place at High Dive in Gainesville on October 26.