Billy McFarland launches Fyre Fest 2 (We are not kidding)

About six years ago, Billy McFarland "organized" the Fyre Festival, which was such a disaster that attendees had to be airlifted off Exhuma in the Bahamas, similar to the scene in Apocalypse now. Following that, Mcfarland pled not guilty to fraud related to the event, although he eventually did change his plea to guilty and serve a few years in jail. He also pled guilty to fraud for crimes he committed while out on bail for the first set of fraudulent charges. Attendees also sued McFarland and his company via a class action.

Well… McFarland and Fyre fest are BACK! (McFarland got sprung from the joint in May 2022). Tickets are now on sale for Fyre festival II, with prices ranging from $499 to $7,999. McFarland has not announced any acts, or any specific location, or any specific date, but he did say that it will take place in the Carribean "sometime in 2024."

You can see McFarland's announcement video below. In it, he says he came up with the plan for Fyre II while in solitary confinement.