Laura Jane Grace
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Laura Jane Grace will be given the "Key to the City" of Gainesville, Florida. She will be presented with the Key during a ceremony during Fest weekend in October and will also play a solo set at Vivid Music Hall. In a statement given to the Gainesville Sun, she said, “My mind is blown. I don’t even know what to say. That’s just insane. I’m stunned. This doesn’t even seem fucking real. I’m honoured, truly honoured.” Laura Jane Grace expanded on her feelings about receiving the Key to the City in an Instagram post which reads,

”This is ridiculous. Was told about last week. Feel bad cause I was asked for a quote and I was completely stumped. Genuinely at a loss for words. What do you say to something like this beyond the obvious of woah and thank you? Hard to feel like you deserve something like this though. If anything I feel like I’m accepting on behalf of a group of people or a scene Circa late 90’s early 2000’s. How about, I’ll just hold the keys for a second. When I was 19 years old Joe Courter gave me the keys to the @civicmediacenter_ and I’d go there at night and listen to records and work on zine art. Those keys were a huge responsibility to me. I’ll treat these the same. There’s someone who REALLY deserves the keys to the city though, Joe Courter. I’m just holding these keys for a second they actually belong to Joe.”

Laura Jane Grace released her EP At War With The Silverfish in 2021 and released her solo album Stay Alive in 2020.