Have Heart, Drain, Youth of Today, MOVE, more to play Tied Down Festival 2024

Tied Down Festival has announced its lineup for this year. Have Heart, Drain, Youth of Today, Terror, No Pressure, Killing Time, 100 Demons, Angel Du$t, Gods Hate, Never Ending Game, Pity Sex, Soul Search, Twitching Tongues, Weekend Nachos, COA, Division of Mind, End It, Ends of Sanity, Gates to Hell, Hold My Own, Ingrown, Laid 2 Rest, Seed of Pain, Three Knee Deep, Trail of Lies, Anklebiter, Bad Beat, Balmora, Big Deal, Cosmic Joke, Fools Game, MOVE, Risk, and The Sissy Boys will be playing the festival. Tied Down Festival will take place at the Russel Industrial Center in Detroit, Michigan on June 1-2.