Frank Turner

Frank Turner has announced that he will be releasing a documentary series called The Work: 50 States in 50 Days. The series chronicles his journey to become the first non-American to play all 50 states over the course of 50 days which he undertook in 2022. The series was directed by Aaron Roberts and will feature appearances by Fat Mike, Tim Barry, The Bronx, Pet Needs, AJJ, The Bouncing Souls, and more. The first two episodes will be out on April 23 on the Veeps streaming platform and the ext two episodes will be out on May 21. Next month Frank Turner will be attempting to set the world record for playing the most shows in different cities in 24 hours around the UK. He will be releasing his new album Undefeated on May 3 and recently released both a video and lyric video for his new song featuirng Teenage Joans called "Girl From The Record Shop". Frank Turner will be touring the US starting in May and will be bringing his ’Lost Evenings’ festival to Toronto in September. He released FTHC in 2022.