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Wire is a British punk rock/art punk/experimental rock band formed in 1976 by Graham Lewis (bass, vocals), Bruce Gilbert (guitar), Colin Newman (vocals, guitar) and Robert Gotobed (drums).

Their sound is often associated with a subgenre of punk called art punk or post–punk, mostly due to their richly detailed and atmospheric sound, often obscure lyrical themes and, to a lesser extent, their situationist political stance. The group exhibited a steady development from an early raucous style (1977's Pink Flag) to a more complex, structured sound involving increased use of synthesizers (1978's Chairs Missing and 1979's 154).

As a result, they had a tremendous influence through later decades on a variety of bands and rock music genres, notably in Elastica, Menswear, The Urinals, The Minutemen, R.E.M., who covered "Strange" on their Document album and most recently, Bloc Party, Futureheads and Franz Ferdinand. Ian MacKaye of hardcore punk band Minor Threat was also a big fan, and the band covers a Wire track, "12XU," on their album Complete Discography.

Big Black covered Wire's "Heartbeat" twice; once as a studio version which was released as a single (the single is also included on the Rich Man's Eight Track Tape compilation), as well as a live version that was included on the VHS version of their live album "Pigpile".