Contributed by lynchme, Posted by G7 Welcoming Committee

G7 Welcoming Committee has posted an update on some of their release plans for the coming months.

The major news is that a new album from Vancouver, Canada's Subhumans will be released via the label on September 12th. The 14 track record will be titled New Dark Age Parade. Not to be confused with the similarly named UK act, the Subhumans were active from 1978 to 1982, having reformed in 2005. In that span bassist Gerry Hannah notably spent 5 years in prison for his part in the bombing of a Litton Systems plant in Ontario where guidance systems for Boeing cruise missiles were manufactured. The band features original members Hannah, vocalist Brian Goble and guitarist Mike Graham. They're joined by drummer Jon Card, who's been a part of SNFU and D.O.A.. Further details on the release can be found at the G7. Alternative Tentacles will release the album outside of Canada.

Also due out are a series of digital "reissues" from the G7 vaults including records from the album War Wagon by Winnipeg's Red Fisher. The band featured musicians who went on to join the Weakerthans and Mico.

Another digital release will be individual "EPs" of both sides of John K.Samson's split with Painted Thin. The split featured solo material from the Weakerthans frontman paired with material from I Spy / Weakerthans related act Painted Thin. Also due out is a digital reissue of Greg MacPherson's debut full length Balanced On A Pin. The album was self-released before he joined G7.

The label is promising that all the digital releases will be available directly from G7 "as unrestricted 320 kbps MP3 files - straight-up with no silly authorization schemes - along with full CD artwork for all albums in PDF format."

The update concludes with "Next month - Propagandhi tour dates! Hehehe, just kidding, suckers, hahahahahahaha … or AM I???"