by Fighting contacted Fighting Records to check in on the status of our earlier story about the arrest of Whole Wheat Bread bassist Nick Largen.

In the earlier story, Largen had alledgedly been arrested in Amherst, NY on charges of first degree robbery. The latest news coming from the label is that Nick is now "facing several years" in prison for the alledged offense. The band has opted to continue on with C.J. aka Johnny Rock of Atlanta-based El Pus, who will be taking over bass duties.

In more positive news, the band is continuing to work on their sophomore full length and follow up to Minority Rules and is now collaborating with the "King of Crunk" and Chapelle parody Lil Jon.

This isn't Jon's first collaboration with punk rock musicians, with him previously enlisting Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Daryl Jenifer, and drummer Earl Hudson for his track "Real Nigga Roll Call" on Crunk Juice which incorporated music from the band's 1986 album, I Against I.

The band's new EP, Punk Life is due out in November, with a new full length due out in 2007.