April 22nd, 2007
by Sunday Edition

It's Sunday April 22nd, 2007. This last week was either horrifically sad or horrifically boring, and pretty much didn't waver between those extremes. Let's not talk about it. Next week though, oh wow, it's interview mania here at the `Org. We've got a great feature coming at you every day of the week featuring bands like the Thermals, Millencolin, the Reason and more. Interviews hit daily at 6:30 EST. To top it all off, new streaming music every day at 4:00. You know where to be.

The people must have something good to read on a Sunday

So let's talk "neo-punk." I have no idea what that is but it somehow spans both NOFX and Fall Out Boy, and it's also the subject of an upcoming book. The book features Kevin Lyman of the ever massive Warped Tour, a venture that's looking for your opinion this year. I know Social Distortion was around and rocking during this so-called neo-punk period, but I doubt they fit neatly into that timeframe. The classic band has a greatest hits record and new full length on the way soon. Now Strung Out definitely fits into that period, but they were a bit too much of a cult favourite so they may not be featured. They are however on tour soon. Now Rancid's got to have a whole chapter in there, with Tim Armstrong quotes must. The frontman's new solo outing is still free, contrary to reports, it's just going to require some work on your part. Now during said neo-punk era a lot of us were chasing that 3rd wave ska dream, and while it didn't quite work out for us we can still relive the glory art that Reel Big Fish / Less Than Jake tour. Pennywise, featuring "Punk Rock Dad" Jim Lindberg, is a shoe in for any chronicle of that period.

This was a busy little week. Against Me! plans to release two songs on tour-only 7-inch. Canadian ska-punk act the Flatliners signed to Fat Wreck Chords. Dan Yemin's Paint It Black are set to record their third in August. Coalesce's Sean Ingram is in the People's Court, and finally site favouites Bomb The Music industry signed up with Asian Man

Our Editors Picks for the week included music from Everything Sucks while our Video Of The Week featured archival footage of The Explosion liver in Richmond, VA. We brought you streaming music Red Scare upstarts The Copyrights, previewing their new record Make Sound.

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Radio Free Punknews

Check the Punknews Music page to stream all sorts of anticipated new music including a new track from the Chariot, a preview of the upcoming debut from Clementon, NJ-based Apple of Discord, Brooklyn's Nakatomi Plaza, Matt Pryor's new act the Terrible Twos, ex-I Hate Myself Gainesville act Die Hoffnung, and a pair of songs from Millencolin frontman Nikola Sarcevic.

Suntans are for Winners Murder By Death: 7-foot gatefold vinyl
The CD may be dying but vinyl is alive and well, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the pretty awesome treatment received by Murder by Death's In Bocca al Lupo. The release features red double 10" records dipped in gold ink with a quadruple gatefold cover. All told it ends up being 7 feet long when extended and only 1000 are in existence. It's so big that it you could put it next to your CD collection and watch the record taunt the helpless CDs before devouring them whole. It's that big. There may be only a thousand available but we've got a copy to give away for free

Get me into the Inquisiton reunion!
Bummed that the upcoming Inquisition reunion shows are sold out? Well, do we have a sweet deal for you. Rob and Thomas from the band have graciously offered to place one lucky Punknews reader and a friend on their guestlist for night one on May 18 with support from Ensign and Channel 43. Another winner and a pal will be headed to night two on May 19 with the Draft and New Mexican Disaster Squad. How do you win? Well, first of all, if you are planning on entering just to try to and make a buck of on eBay or Craig's List, don't bother. Only the winnining name will be able to get into the show with their guest. And we've decided to make this contest a little more involved than just radomly picking somename from a list of emails.

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