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Denver based record label Suburban Home is about to celebrate their 13th Anniversary this September. The label plans to hold shows through the weekend of the 12th through the 14th, located at 3 Kings Tavern featuring Joey Cape, Limbeck, Drag the River, and more. The label had this to say:

We are working on nailing down a few more of our bands, but as it stands, the lineup is fucking awesome. We will also be hosting a Punk Rock Garage Sale/Flea Market during the day on Saturday and will be ending the weekend with a big ol' Barbecue at Washington Park with a Washer's Tournament.

Drag the River Joey Cape Limbeck
Mike Hale (Gunmoll)
Two Cow Garage Ninja Gun
Jon Snodgrass (Drag the River)
Jr. Juggernaut The Revenge Ghost Buffalo Love Me Destroyer