Kid Dynamite tribute set for Spring, tracks from Ergs, This Is Hell, Broadway Calls
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The tribute to beloved hardcore act Kid Dynamite is heading for a Spring 2009 release. Originally announced in September 2007, the final lineup is set to feature All Teeth, Broadway Calls, Comadre, Death Is Not Glamorous, Deny Everything, Energy, The Ergs!, Fallen From The Sky, First to Leave, The Geeks, The Golden Age, Hollywood, Hour of the Wolf, Jump The Shark, Lewd Acts, No Harm Done, No Secrets Between Sailors, Soldiers, Static Radio NJ, This Is Hell, To the Lions, 12cent and The Wonder Years

The organizers of the tribute have posted three of the high profile covers, coming from The Ergs! ("Fuckuturn",) This Is Hell, ("Troy's Bucket") and Broadway Calls ("Bookworm")

You can check out those covers on the tribute's myspace page.