Sky Eats Airplane have posted a cover of the Limp Bizkit hit, "Nookie." They explained the choice:

The reason why we picked Nookie by Limp Bizkit, is because we sincerely think that song rules and we have been listening to quite a bit of Korn and Limp Bizkit in our van for the past few months. There. The secrets out. We are dwelling on music we listened to when we were 12 (for Travis, when he was 17 or something probably). It is NOT because our record label or manager told us that we should cover some popular song so we can blow up off of it. You will not see this song on some compilation cd in an attempt to gain new fans (When Punk Goes Pop, etc.).

We have absolutely no intentions of playing this song after the "New Nu Metal" tour. We arent going to be one of those bands--who i am NOT naming--that are riding on another music group's success because they threw some breakdown chugs over a poppy part someone else made. It has become a CONTEST with all these bands with "who is going to make the best cover of a radio friendly pop song", and I guess you might say this was our little way of saying "fuck that, we are going to do whatever we want".

Check it out on their myspace page.