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Frank Turner, Walter Schreifels, Powell, Jonah Matranga, are among the participants on a new compilation titled Memoria - A Tribute To The Alternative 90s. The 17-song disc will feature covers of songs by 90s heroes like Rage Against The Machine, My Bloody Valentine, Weezer, Jawbox, Soundgarden, Quicksand, Far, Pearl Jam, Babes In Toyland, Nirvana and Deftones.

It is expected to surface in October via Yr Letter Records.

  1. Frank Turner - Sally (Kerbdog)
  2. Gâtechien - Bombtrack (Rage Against The Machine)
  3. Dead Pop Club - I Was Dreaming (Les Thugs)
  4. Walter Schreifels - When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine)
  5. DevonMiles - Getchoo (Weezer)
  6. Cooper -Static (Jawbox)
  7. Lula Fortune - Fuzzy (Grant Lee Buffalo)
  8. Down To Earth - Let Me Drown (Soundgarden)
  9. Billy Gaz Station - Grant Hart (The Posies)
  10. Powell - Head To Wall - Feat. Cyesm (Quicksand)
  11. Luis Francesco Arena - I Like It (Far)
  12. Lead Orphans - Corduroy (Pearl Jam)
  13. Atomic Garden - Grudge (Mega City Four)
  14. Run Ronie Run - Foreign Devils On The Silk Road (Chokebore)
  15. Mr Moustache - Dust Cake Boy (Babes In Toyland)
  16. Novels - Aneurysm (Nirvana)
  17. Jonah Matranga - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Deftones)