Win a weekend pass to Fun Fun Fun Fest!
by Contests

Ever thought "Man, I'd like to see 7 Seconds, Face to Face, The Jesus Lizard, Ratatat, Of Montreal, Les Savy Fav, Mission Of Burma, Lucero, Death, No Age, Red Sparowes, Fuck Buttons, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Off with Their Heads, Pharcyde, Danzig, Gorilla Biscuits, Fucked Up, Melt Banana, Coalesce, Street Dogs, GZA, King Khan & BBQ Show, Cedric Burnside and a million other bands all in one weekend?" Well if you did, then you were probably thinking of hitting this year's FUN FUN FUN Fest in Austin the weekend of November 7th. What's cooler than a festival like this? Getting to go for free. On the real. So, after consulting with the organizers, we decided you needed to work just a little harder than normal for this. So here's the deal: you think of the best name for a fest you can possibly imagine and then drop it in our comments or if you're so inclined, hit us up with it on Twitter: @Punknews. Come up with the best name - make us laugh, cry, recoil in disgust or perhaps pee our pants in horror - and you and a friend will get weekend passes to the event! So go for it!