The S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival has announced a huge slate of bands playing this year's event. The St. Catharines Event for New Music Entertainment will again bring a number of punk, hardcore, metal and hip hop acts to the Niagara region this summer. Among the 160 bands performing at venues throughout downtown St. Catharines you'll find Arkells, Cancer Bats, Cute Is What We Aim For, Lights, Shad, The Johnstones, The Artist Life, The Rebel Spell, Orphan Choir, and Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. The shows take place on Sunday, June 27th.

Other bands performing include: A Primitive Evolution, A Sea of Gold and Burgundy, Afterparty, Amos the Transparent, Arietta, Athena Flashing, Bastard Child Death Cult, Beatnik & Barefoot, Beth Moore, Betrayal, Birthday Boys, Black Majik Movement, Blind Witness, Bobby Mc Namara, Brendan Rivera, Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose, Brighter Brightest, Broadcast Zero, Bronx Cheerleader, Cavaliers, Central Flow, Chainsaw Lobotomy, Citizen, City Sirens, Clothes Make The Man, Continuance, Counterparts, Crush Luther, Dancing With Paris, Daniel Wesley, Darkness Rites, Del Asher, Desperate Times, Die Standing, Down With Webster, Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide, Elk, Emergency Exit, Escaping Rosehaven, Fall In Archaea, Farewell to Freeway, Final Thought, Forgotten Toys, Gentlemen Husbands, Goodbye Beatdown, Grand Scale, Grenader, Gruve, Headshot, Hometown Beatdown, Hunters and Anglers, Huron, I Shot the Messenger, In Limbo, Isle of Thieves, Jenna Andrews, Jesse & Matt, Justin Glatt, Kingdoms, KO, Library Voices, Lifestory Monologue, Magneta Lane, Mandippal, Mean Tangerine, Meet Your Daughter, Miasmata, Michael Froh, Michou, Modern Miniatures, Modernboys Moderngirls, Monster Truck, My Son The Hurricane, New Cities, Old Dirty Burger, P8e & Eclipse, Paper Lions, Paramount, Pause Eject Rewind, Pete Tremblay & the Boozy Truth, Prince Perry & the Gladtones, Quinzy, Rebel Emergency, Rocket Reducers, Rose Cora Perry, Rumble Devils, Saidah Baba Talibah, San Sebastian, Sandman Viper Command, Sixxxer, Solitary Sun, Songs From A Room, Sounds of the Crowd, Speak of the Devil, StereoGoesStellar, Stereokid, Still Life Still, Summer of '92, Sweet Thing, Teenage Kicks, The Ascot Royals, The Author, The Bad Ideas, The Balconies, The Barettas, The Bends, The Black Flies, The Black Rainbows, The Blame-Its, The Broken Lyre, The Chips, The Class Assassins, The Half Ton Knights, The Junction, The Kac Himself, The Lofty Pines, The Lucky Ones, The Manhattan Project, The Merchant, The Mike Cameron Band, The Motorleague, The Reason, The Red October, The Roxwells, The Strange, The Treasurers, The von Drats, This Is An Empire, Through These Words, Time Brings Change, Tmesis, To Tell, Tonight Tonight, Two Crown King, Two Knives, Under Artiicial Skies, Use As Directed, Vilipend, Walk Off The Earth, Waterbodies, and Youthinasia.