Here are Ten Young Punk Bands to Check Out at Punk Rock Bowling!

Punk Rock Bowling (we're sponsors!) is right around the corner and there are A LOT of Punk Rock Champions playingFLAG, Descendents, The Dwarves, Buzzcocks, Cock Sparrer, Subhumans, and more… whoa. BUT, there are also a TON of cool up and coming bands blastin' down the door, too. Check out our list of young bands to check out at this year's PRB below!

Brutal Youth

Brutal Youth Not feeling the pop punk vibe at Punk Rock Bowling Asbury Park? Then check out one of Canada’s greatest gifts to the hardcore punk scene – Brutal Youth. Their songs are filled with unrelenting fury and are guaranteed to get a serious mosh pit going. Just from what I have seen online, they’re shows look intense and wild. Do not miss them! -Ricky Frankel

Iron Chic

Iron Chic Long Island’s Iron Chic have consistently churned out melodic punk tuneage for upwards of nine years now. Their brand is one of sing-alongs and community as their live shows always have a festive and upbeat atmosphere. Having caught these guys everywhere from small bars to large concert halls, I’m here to attest to the greatness of their live set. And getting to see them open for Descendents and H20 at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling in Asbury Park is a perfect opportunity to see just how engaging Iron Chic are. -Mike Musilli


Image Melted is what West Coast punk is all about. This trio rips through two minute bangers that are fast, wild, and a little unhinged. The whole thing sounds like the best party ever, but some of the songs are actually about depression, paranoia, and being at your wit's end… basically, the same elements as all of the best punk songs ever. This band RIPS. -John Gentile

Jackie Mendez

Image Jackie Mendez does rocksteady like you're supposed to: slow, sweet, spicy, and in an old school style. Unlike the ubiquitous ska smasher, Mendez know that the true power of Jamaican music comes not from the upstroke, but from sooooouuulllllll. Mendez channels those same raw feeling of people like Susan Cadogan and Martha Velez and cuts tunes that are timeless. If you like ska and rocksteady, be there. -John Gentile

The Negative Nancys

Image The Negative Nancys play punk fucking rock. This quartet rips through their set with a pissed off the vigor that could have come straight out of a Bikini Kill or Angry Samoans show. The band frequently addresses gender issues, but do it with such a wry humor that their political statements feel more like a party than a sermon. If only all punk could be this catchy and this poignant. -Gabriella Denatale

Night Birds

Night Birds Let’s face it, Night Birds are a very east coast-centric band. They’re from that part of the country and that’s where they seem to tour the most. They’re an amazing east coast band that rarely makes it out west. The west coast Night Birds fans are way over due for some shows. So for those of you going Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas and are sick of watching the band’s live performances on YouTube, here’s your chance! This band should be right up there on the top of your “must see list” -- right up there with the Descendents and Flag because who knows when they’ll be back? Mutiny At Muscle Beach was hands down one of the best albums of 2015 and hearing those songs played live will be an absolute blast. See you in the pit! -Ricky Frankel

The Scandals

The Scandals I've spent a lot time in Jersey and I've had my fair share of van problems there. There's always one thing that gets me through the long nights where I'm on a long haul and the radiator is overheating or my tires are running bald- The Scandals! This is working class rock for working class guys. Plus, they make you pump your fist. I've pumped my fist to entire albums of these guys, between Anthrax and Nuclear Assault albums. Brotherhood in music. -Gene the Van Guy

Sic Waiting

Sic Waiting Sic Waiting, skate punk from SoCal, is for fans of getting rad. Formed in 2000 and kindled ever since by Jared Stinson, the band’s only original member, they’ve been churning out jams in various iterations ever since—their 2015 release, Derailer, makes it hard to believe that the same members haven’t been playing together for those 15 years with its polished precision. Be sure to catch Sic Waiting on Monday, May 30th at the Main Stage. -Stevie Allen

Spanish Love Songs

Image L.A.-based ‘grouch rock’ 4-piece Spanish Love Songs is gloriously and unapologetically sad—and they don’t care who knows it. Guitarist-frontman Dylan Slocum, the self-same ‘Giant’ of their debut album Giant Sings the Blues, warbles melodically through warm and fuzzy pop-punk jams about the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy topics of adult things that get us down. The result is endearing, earnest and worth checking out—you can catch Spanish Love Songs at their sold out club show with Good Riddance, H2O and Death By Stereo at the Fremont Country Club on Friday, May 27th—if you have tickets! -Stevie Allen


Image One of the up-and-coming artists from this year’s Punk Rock Bowling in Denver, local three-piece, Wiredogs, have yet to put out a full length album—only three EPs and a fourth one under their former band name, The Hate—but have already shown great range of style. Songs like “Violence” and “Witness” off of their new EP, Kill the Artist Hype the Trash, is dripping with ferocious punk anger, where songs like “Broken Youth” remind us that punk really can be beautiful, wistful, and melodic. Wiredogs are masters of both styles, and when they combine the two, such as in “Lies of the Times,” we’re left with a stunning political anthem that would have sounded at home on a late 70’s Clash EP. If you find yourself at PRB in Denver on Friday, make sure to check out this local hidden gem of a band. You will not be disappointed! -Trevor Byrne-Smith