...And Jello Biafra week comes to a close

Much like a famous anti-Nazi song, Jello Biafra week is over nearly as soon as it began. We laughed, we cried, we argued about which of the four versions of "California Uber Alles" is the best, and hopefully we learned a little bit about the J-man in the process. If you missed anything, you can check out all the articles below. We've already got plans for next year's band week, so stay tuned…

Meanwhile, we need to thank Dom Davi at AT, Jesse Luscious, Ralph Spight, and Melanie Kaye of Melanie Kaye PR for their help in making this week as shiny as we could make it. And most of all, we have to thank the Main Man, the Viceroy of Vinyl, the Paragon of Punk, Jello Biafra for not only being so generous with his time, but for being supportive of Punknews in general, and most importantly, for creating and releasing A LOT OF REALLY COOL ART, and for inspiring nearly everyone here and everyone reading this.

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