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Alcest is Neige's testimony of the evanescent visions/memories he had as a child about a fantastic faraway world : a plane of existence bathed in a pearly light, beyond all terrestrial beauties, which could perhaps be described as a sort of "intermediate stage" ; the soul would rest there between two earthly lives and would for some time be freed of the burden of incarnation. The first chapter of this journey was "Le Secret" EP, which was released in 2005 by Drakkar Productions.

In 2007, Neige agreed to a contract with the German label Prophecy Productions and released Alcest's debut album "Souvenirs d'un autre monde" the same year. In 2010 the drummer Winterhalter joined the band, Alcest released their second full length "Ecailles De Lune" and started to perform shows in Europe and U.S.A. with a complete live line–up. In 2011 Alcest released its first music video, made a 2months and a half world tour across U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Australia and China and recorded the band's third album "Les voyages de l'âme" (in English "The journeys of the soul") wich was released on January 6th 2012.

All music/lyrics/artwork are deeply linked to Alcest's concept and aim at depicting that "place" and the ecstatic feelings one can experience there. This project is a real quest, a perpetual wandering through unknown regions, the hope of which is to shed some light on some mysteries of this esoteric experience.