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Best of 2013

Amelia Cline's picks (2013)

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[Amelia Cline is a copy editor and occasional interviewer for]

This year was so jam packed full of badass releases. I had a hard time really being able to put them in some sort of numerical order so I just went by what I couldn't stop listening to the most!

I was really, really fortunate to be a part of Punknews this year as well as the past few years. The people that work to make this site successful are some of the most incredible, humble people I have ever met. I'm also going on my second year here in Memphis, Tennessee as well and loving the change in scenery, regional music and how much local music means to this city.


Casey Veggies: Life Changes

Casey Veggies

Obviously, this is pretty off for me to include, but I'm just being honest. Casey Veggies was a part of OFWGKTA and branched off to start his own music. This mix tape isn't deep by any means, but his beats are too good to be ignored and he's got some serious as fuck potential. If you aren't one-sided, give this a listen.


Best Coast: Fade Away

Jewel City

Bethany is such a badass. I love this two-piece with all my heart and I'm pretty sure I know all the words to Fade Away already. Noisy, ‘60s surf rock!


Balance and Composure: The Things We Think We're Missing

No Sleep Records

"Tiny Raindrop" is officially one of my favorite songs of all time. I was obsessed with Separation and seeing how the band surpassed the growth from that release was just truly amazing. They sound so solid on this record and I love how Jon has grown with his vocals.


Pissed Jeans: Honeys

Sub Pop

I had someone tell me one time that they thought I was listening to a bunch of feedback. Clearly, I wasn't listening to this record loud enough because Pissed Jeans followed up King of Jeans so perfectly with this. Midtempo grunge punk with some delicious hopelessness in it.


Chelsea Wolfe: Pain is Beauty

Sargent House

Constant reverb and dismay. Most beautifully strung together by haunting vocals and an array of deeply dark clarity in her words. "I carry a heaviness like a mountain."


Doomriders: Grand Blood

Deathwish, Inc.

Total banger that followed up 2010's flawless Darkness Comes Alive. Well done, guys.


Cult of Luna: Vertikal | & ||

Density Records

Just damn. You could tell they took great care and consideration in this release, but it's so concise and flows so perfectly as well. Darkly chilling tones with long, emotional vocals.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Specter at the Feast


I know everyone judges this band by their name and that's honestly your fault. Since Baby 81, I've loved this band. Rocking, awesome riffs and lyrics I can back - a perfect mixture of what makes me love music.


The National: Trouble Will Find Me


High Violet was a perfectly arranged album, which is what made the anticipation of their follow-up to it so exciting to me. No matter what the band release, it surpasses their previous work. They are ambitious in their writing and very accomplished musicians. Deep, rich sound!


The Flatliners: Dead Language

Fat Wreck

Couldn't get enough of this. This release caught me by surprise because I had my heart in a totally different genre of music this year, but the Flatliners are way too good to ignore.


The Night Marchers: Allez Allez

Swami Records

Like you expected this to be bad? From start to finish, a total banger. I was totally a little nervous at first since we hadn't heard anything from these guys since 2008, but they delivered a totally unexpected punch.


Pity Sex: Feast of Love

Run For Cover Records

Ah, how refreshing this band is to me! I had slept on them and heard "Hollow Body" randomly. From that point forward, I couldn't put Feast of Love down. Beautiful lyricism, fun and totally jamming.


True Widow: Circumambulation


Simply badass. I've read the word "stonegaze" to describe them and I must say, nicely put. I would add drone, post-rock and darkly poppy to that.


Defeater: Letters Home

Bridge Nine

I was completely addicted to Empty Days, Sleepless Nights so when they announced Letters Home, I couldn't wait to see what the band would be bringing to the table. Such a perfect follow-up to the story within their last two releases and I loved how they really went back to their roots for this release.


State Faults: Resonate/Desperate

No Sleep Records

I actually fell in love with this post-rock badassery after I heard Desolate Peaks. I was so absolutely pumped when I learned No Sleep picked them up. I cannot wait to see what these guys do as they continue to grow.


Coliseum: Sister Faith

Temporary Residence

Holy shit, I could not stop listening to this for weeks. Literally, even when I put it on today, it still sounds like a brand new album I've never heard. "Love Under Will" was hands down my favorite song from this release and is such a banger. Pretty much the whole thing from start to finish is just ridiculously perfect. They had such an on-point transition from House with a Curse to Sister Faith. Love it!


Pelican: Forever Becoming

Southern Lord

This was a highly anticipated release in my life. I love Pelican and they once again drew me in further with a heavy, badass release. This was the first full-length from them since 2009 hence why I was so excited for this release.


Deafheaven: Sunbather

Deathwish Inc.

Just absolutely perfect. This band surpassed any expectations I had and put together a most beautiful piece of post-rock.


Bombus: The Poet and The Parrot

Mourningwood Recordings

Swedish metal! But, it's rock n roll BUT it's also got some Melvins spice added in with a touch of stoner rock. Be the judge yourself!


Beastmilk: Climax

Svart Records

I literally didn't know shit about this band up until a few months ago when a friend sent me a frantic text about how badass they were. Annnnddd, he was very right. Apocalyptic death-rock from Finland at its finest.