ImageLove Equals Death bassist Dominic Davi has been arrested and is being held on charges stemming from an alleged rape of a Virginia woman that took place in June 2006. The woman claims she met Dominic at a club in Philadelphia, and after the two left together on foot she that was then raped behind a factory. The woman also states that she contacted Davi by email, and that he responded in January 2007, admitting in an email what had happened. She reported her findings to Fairfax, VA police who then contacted Philadelphia authorities to have the warrant issued for Davi's arrest last Thursday.

Philadelphia detectives found the band's website, and discovered they were playing in Fullerton, CA on Friday. They proceeded to arrange for Fullerton police to go to the club and arrest Davi prior to the band's set. He is now awaiting extradition back to Philadelphia on charges of rape, aggravated assault, and related crimes, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Before starting Love Equals Death, Davi was a founding member of the pop-punk group Tsunami Bomb.