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.ng–section1 { font–size: small; border–bottom: 1px solid #C5C5C5; width: 70%; font–weight: bold; padding: 1em 0 0em 2em; } .ng–section2 { font–size: xx–small; padding: 0 0 2em 3em; } Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I'm Adam White and I'll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here's what got the community talking… The People Must Have Something Good To Read On A Sunday This week's most popular stories The hardcore scene let out a collective scream of anguish this week as the celebrated Modern Life is War called it quits. Jello Biafra spoke out against the RIAA, comparing the industry association to the mafia and thus offending the dons and hitmen worldwide. The Foo Fighters are taking Marvel Comics to court over the unauthorized use of their songs recent commercials. Matt Murdock will represent Mr. Grohl and with Jennifer Walters defending the House of Ideas. Speaking of funnybooks, look for popular punk webcomic Nothing Nice To Say to arrive soon in meatspace via Dark Horse.

A number of bands talked up their upcoming records this week. The Offspring's Dexter Holland discussed their new album, upcoming tour and new drummer. Sleepercar, featuring Jim Ward of Sparta and At the Drive–In, are planning an April release. Pulley has completed mastering their new EP and first release since 2004. The folks at Bridge Nine Records also detailed the new New Found Glory EP and H2O full length. Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba is working with Ashes Divide while Blink–182's Mark Hoppus will be co–writing songs with All Time Low.

On the touring front Hot Water Music continues to add the occasional show here and there. Jimmy Eat World and Paramore will be co–headling a tour soon. Horse The Band also announced the routing for their absolutely ambitious and quite likely insane 40–country tour. On the media front Pennywise has put their new track "Something to Live For" up for download and Against Me! has unleashed an acoustic video for "New Wave." I Can't Control My Fingers I Can't Control My Brain New feature content, weekly columns and exclusives Our Video of the Week returned this week after an all too long break with the second part of a Bomb The Music Industry! feature. The big three oh edition of Vinyl File featured a chat with Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake, profiling the band's massive vinyl catalogue. Our Editors' Picks this week featured Philadelphia's Capillary Action. This week also brought new Streaming Music from a number of bands, including the new EP from Worcester, MA's Smartbomb (featuring members of No Trigger and Shock Nagasaki), the new full length from melodic pop punk act The Frantic and Warning Device, the second full length from Teenage Bottlerocket.

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Streaming music

Check the Punknews Music page to stream all sorts of anticipated new music including three upcoming 7" releases from Toronto power-pop act Marvelous Darlings, featuring Ben Cook of Fucked Up and No Warning, the reissue of Broadway Calls' self titled debut, alt-country act Drag The River's final album You Can't Live That Way, new material from former ALL vocalist Scott Reynolds (and the Steaming Beast), and the new full length Get Better by Lemuria.

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Win Guitar Hero III from Sound and Fury
Toronto-based punk band Sound and Fury just lined up a supporting gig with Sum 41 on their upcoming tour and to celebrate, they want to give away a specially customized version of Guitar Hero III. The first batch of winners will be announced on March 14th. Win a bunch of stuff from Punk Rock Confidential Magazine
Punk rock's leading non-musical periodical Punk Rock Confidential has officially launched a new line of t-shirts and to commemorate this incredible transition from paper to uhm, cloth, has put up a bunch of great stuff including subscriptions to the magazine, the official t-shirts AND a smelly, used t-shirt from Fat Mike's laundry hamper. The magazine enlisted the design prowess of Heather Hannoura and Shawn Peterson of Dogpile for the shirts and you can find them at the link.

Win an Asus Eee PC from Enter Shikari
Heard of those Asus Eee PCs? They're these little laptops that run Linux and weigh about as much as a hardcover book. They're pretty popular right now, and so when Enter Shikari offered one to give away to one of you, we figured it'd be something worth checking out. Want to win one yourself? Then visit this page.

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Staff blogs and side projects

Your trusty Punknews staffers and reviewers have all sorts of projects on the go, everything from poorly spelled and oft neglected blogs to big official world domination schemes. Make sure to check out editor and videographer Chris Moran collection of recordings online at Vimeo, editor Justin August's blog Kinder Words, editor Adam White's blog 2:59, and editor Jesse Raub's webzine Bitter Press.

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We've theorized that you visit other websites out there, and we know it can be tough to leave the calming blue glow of the `Org, so we'll help by infecting the rest of the web with Punknews content. Befriend us on the MySpace page, network on the Facebook group, and contribute your listening habits to the weekly charts at the group.

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