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The producers of a new documentary about straight edge titled Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture, have posted two clips featuring influential figures from the movement. The first clip features Ian MacKaye who coined the phrase while he was in Minor Threat but also went on to former a number of notable acts including Embrace, Fugazi and The Evens. The second clip includes Ray Cappo of Youth of Today and Shelter and who also founded both Revelation Records and Equal Vision Records.

Ian talks about the issue of militance in straight edge as well as the role of caffeine. Cappo discusses his experiences as a teenager and his first brush with alcohol. The documents aims to trace the development of the edge movement from its roots in the 80s to current day. It highlights an MacKaye, Ray Cappo and Karl Buechner (of Earth Crisis) as the initiators of three separate waves of straight edge and also promises comments on the history, philosopy and criticisms of the subculture. Other figures appearing in the film include Russ Rankin of Good Riddance, Kent McClard, Bull Gervasi, Priyesh Patel, Peter Young and Eva Hall.

The documentary was written and directed by Marc Pierschel and Michael Kirchner. It will be relased on DVD by Compassion Media on May 15, 2010.

Ian MacKaye

Ray Cappo