Pig Destroyer
by Relapse

The friendly folks of Pig Destroyer have revealed the details for their upcoming full length and first since 2007's Phantom Limb. Titled Book Burner, the October 23, 2012, will be released as a normal 19-song album and as a deluxe version featuring a number of punk covers of songs from Black Flag, Misfits, Angry Samoans, Negative Approach, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, and Void.

The deluxe editions will also include a short story, titled The Atheist, penned by frontman JR Hayes. It is described as "a post-apocalyptic tale about a decaying world taken over by the violence of religion."

Disc 1: Book Burner

  1. Sis
  2. The American's Head
  3. The Underground Man
  4. Eve
  5. The Diplomat
  6. All Seeing Eye
  7. Valley of the Geysers
  8. Book Burner
  9. Machiavellian
  10. Baltimore Strangler
  11. White Lady
  12. The Bug
  13. Iron Drunk
  14. Burning Palm
  15. Dirty Knife
  16. Totaled
  17. Kamikaze Heart
  18. King of Clubs
  19. Permanent Funeral

Disc 2: "Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding" (Deluxe Editions Only)

  1. Depression (Black Flag)
  2. Wolfs Blood (Misfits)
  3. Lights Out (Angry Samoans)
  4. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)
  5. Deny Everything (Circle Jerks)
  6. Betray (Minor Threat)
  7. Who Are You? (Void)