Your Favorite Records from 2012
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One last list of the best music of 2012 for you, this, our first proper day of 2013. Just like in 2011, 2010, and 2009, we've tallied up your votes for the past year and assembled the best of 2012 Reader List.

To qualify, each album must meet a minimum threshold of votes, and then the votes are weighted so that if a given album received a small number of five star votes, it would be balanced so that a four star album with a lot of votes received equal consideration.

    Your Favorite 7-inches and EPs of 2012

  1. album cover

    The Gaslight Anthem

    45 b/w You Got Lucky [7-inch]

  2. album cover


    Hence My Optimism [7-inch]

  3. album cover

    One Man Army

    She's an Alarm [7-inch]

  4. album cover

    The Menzingers

    The Obituaries b/w Burn After Writing [7-inch]

  5. album cover

    Cobra Skulls

    Eagle Eyes [7-inch]

  6. album cover

    The Swellers

    Vehicle City Blues [7-inch]

  7. album cover


    Good Livin' EP [7-inch]

  8. album cover


    A/B [7-inch]

  9. album cover


    MariKKKopa [7-inch]

  10. album cover

    Masked Intruder

    First Offense [7-inch]

  11. Your Favorite Records of 2012

  12. album cover

    The Menzingers

    On the Impossible Past

  13. album cover


    Failed States

  14. album cover

    Hot Water Music


  15. album cover

    The Gaslight Anthem


  16. album cover

    Classics of Love

    Classics of Love

  17. album cover


    Self Entitled

  18. album cover

    Masked Intruder

    Masked Intruder

  19. album cover

    Apologies, I Have None


  20. album cover

    The Sidekicks

    Awkward Breeds

  21. album cover

    Joyce Manor

    Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

  22. album cover

    Teenage Bottlerocket

    Freak Out!

  23. album cover

    Bouncing Souls


  24. album cover


    Celebration Rock

  25. album cover


    All or Nothing

  26. album cover

    Cheap Girls

    Giant Orange

  27. album cover

    No Trigger


  28. album cover

    Title Fight

    Floral Green

  29. album cover


    All We Love We Leave Behind

  30. album cover

    Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds

    I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever

  31. album cover

    Jeff Rosenstock

    I Look Like Shit