Paul Pendley (Red City Radio), Dave Hause, Mike Park

Happy Thursday! Today sharing their top picks from 2013 we have Paul Pendley from Red City Radio, Dave Hause, and Mike Park of Asian Man Records. As previously mentioned, we're happy to bring these guest lists twice a week for the rest of December.

.r grid-25 { min-height: 75px; Red City Radio Paul Pendley plays guitar and does vocals for Red City Radio. From Paul:

True story: I agonized over this list for hours, begged the bureaucrats at Punknews to let me do a list of 20 instead of 10 (thanks Kira!), and debated David Frenson as to whether EP’s count (Fuck you, Dave, you sack of shit, my list, my rules) as a "record" or their own category. 2013 was such an amazing year that paring down a list of releases deserving of mention was extremely difficult. That said exclusion from this list does not denote sub quality music and the opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of Red City Radio, its members, its dozens of friends, fans and admirers or any subsidiary entities.


Pentimento: Inside The Sea

Paper and Plastick


Winger: Bullfighter

Death To False Hope


Donovan Wolfington: Stop Breathing

Community Records


Habits: Train Wrecks

Death To False Hope


World's Scariest Police Chases: NOFX And Out Come The Wolves Dookie



Signals Midwest: Light on the Lake

Tiny Engines

Cannot say enough about this record. This is a young band sounding long in the tooth. This is a record that begs for replays. These are songs that paint beautiful pictures. Kudos. [Choice Track] "St. Vincent’s Charity"


Elway: Leavetaking

Red Scare

Elway is jerks. They’re also better at this game then most and Leavetaking proves that they will continue to grow as a band. Tim Browne has never sounded better as a singer and lyricist and if it weren’t for the above mention Arliss Nancy record Leavetaking would win saddest record of the year. [Choice Track] "One Flew East"


Arliss Nancy: Wild American Runners

Black Numbers

Best people, better band. Another album of soulful country rock tunes with the difference this time being that Corey and GB has written one of the most heartbreaking records of the year. Sad stuff, people. [Choice Track] "Coals"


And We Danced: Back To The Middle


This seven song EP is perfectly crafted, beautifully produced and flawlessly executed. Power/emo pop by ex-members of Cadillac Blindside and The Jealous Sound. I cannot wait to see what they do next. [Choice Track] "Goodnight Toronto"


Restorations: LP2

Side One Dummy

This band gets better with every EP, single, split and full length they put. Layered guitars, tension building escalations in the soundscape, poetic lyricism and a powerful rhythm section combine into a sound that straddles showgaze, emo, post hardcore, folk and a dose Canada’s finest export The Constantines. [Choice Track] "Let’s Blow Up The Sun"


The Bootheel: Goat's Lodge


This came out in January. It still gets spins. Root rock. Bar punk. Call it what you will but this band is to be watched because one day they may be saving the rock and roll genre. Cannot recommend checking them out enough. [Choice Track] "Kickin’ Dust"


Nightmares for a Week: Civilian War

Broken English / Suburban Home

I actually heard this album later in the year and I am very glad I did. It’s got a rawness to the songcraft that I appreciate while being well produced with clever lyrics and monster hooks. Great record. [Choice Track] "Let’s Talk About Healing"


Banquets: Banquets

Black Numbers

Jersey boys make good with their second album and avoid the sophomore slump. This is a leaner and tighter version of Banquets than we are used to as the songs are slightly more angular but the punch is just as strong if not more. And it demands repeat listens. [Choice Track] "Call It A Comeback"


Captain, We're Sinking: The Future Is Cancelled

Run For Cover Records

This easily could have been the record of the year. This piece was written on a Friday and if it had been Thursday who knows? Let’s call it 1A because Bill, Bob, Leo and Zach knocked it out of the park with this one. This record starts this list’s trend of depressing albums. But it is so ridiculously good it puts me in happy place even when the lyrics talk of junkies, suicide and divorce. [Choice Track] "A Bitter Divorce"


Save Ends: Warm Hearts, Cold Hands

Tiny Engines

Record of the year. This is what male and female dueling vocals should sound like, perfectly blended, complimentary and never overdosing on harmony. Reminiscent of early Get Up Kids without sounding like them while inserting a dose of pop punk that is neither of the new variety nor of the goofy glue sniffing variety. Every song is a winner. Every song could easily be stuck in your head for weeks. Nice people to boot. [Choice Track] "Same Old Dice"

Dave Hause Dave Hause performs solo and in The Loved Ones. Dave's list is in no particular order, he says:

My favorites of what I've heard, "best" is for horse and dog shows…

Northcote: Northcote

Black Box Recordings

Jason Isbell: Southeastern

Relativity Records + Southeastern Records

Patty Griffin: American Kid

New West Records

Neko Case: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You


The White Buffalo: Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways

Unison Music Group

Arcade Fire: Reflektor

Merge Records

Mike Park Mike Park performs solo and also runs Asian Man Records. His list is in no particular order.

Leer: Spring Break No Parents [EP]

Phat 'n' Phunky / Lauren / Texas Toast DIY

Future of the Left: How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident


Boboso: Grown Ass Man

Phat 'n' Phunky

Dowsing: I Don't Care Anymore

Count Your Lucky Stars

Great Apes: Thread

Asian Man Records

I know this is an Asian Man release, but man… it's good. If you like Jawbreaker/Lawrence Arms style punk… YOU WILL LOVE IT