Check Out These Cool New Bands at Punk Rock Bowling!

Well, Winter is receding while Spring is advancing and that means Punk Rock Bowling is right around the corner, baby! (Pssst… we're sponsors!) And no doubt, there are A LOT of punk rock heroes playing- the main man himself Iggy Pop!, Bad Religion, Cocksparrer, Buzzcocks, NoFX, The Specials and a lot more. BUT, there are also a TON of really, really cool new, up and coming bands playing the fest. To that end, we've highlighted just some of the cool new and new-ish bands playing PRB. Check out our selections and feel free to add your own picks in the comment section, below!

The B-Sharps

Image No, Homer Simpson isn't in this band, but you know what is? Horns. Upstrokes. Checkered socks. That's right, B Sharps are a straight-up, no apologies, mega-skankin', ska band, baby! Following the lead of The Slackers and Hepcat the band pays equal tribute to the Jamaican heroes as well as the third wave revivalists. Pick it up! -John Gentile

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

Bad Cop/Bad Cop It seems like Bad Cop / Bad Cop has been around forever, but they're barely four years old! Really, because this band is on a non-stop tour, they kick ass across the stage like pros and play like grizzled vets even though they only have a single LP to their name. Here is a band that knows how to bind crackling power to sweet, sweet melody. Slamming pop-punk- thine name is Bad Cop / Bad Cop. -John Gentile

Crazy and the Brains

ImageI know it, you know it, we all know it- Crazy and the Brains are future punk legends. There is no new band that rocks like this band. A group of five maniacs that kick out Johnny Thunders style punk rock mixed with a dose of Pee-Wee Herman's mentality, this bands ping-pongs between nihilism and hilarity like it ain't no thing. Also, there is a xylophone in the group. Not only are Crazy and the Brains what punk rock is all about, but they completely, totally, absolutely ROCK THE HOUSE. -John Gentile

Mobina Galore

Mobina Galore Hell hath no fury like Mobina Galore. The sum of its parts, Jenna (guitar / vocals) and Marcia (drums / vocals), form a scathing wall of sound that is as hostile as it is invigorating. The Winnipeg, MB duo, self-described as a “vocally aggressive power chord punk,” have toured with the likes of Propagandhi, Pup and Against Me! since forming in 2010, but if you haven’t had the distinct, destructive pleasure, I couldn’t recommend checking them out at Punk Rock Bowling Vegas on Friday highly enough. -Stevie Allen

New Trends

Image Aussie punks, New Trends, are breathing new life into the sounds of classic punk. Taking cues from the originators—Ramones, The Germs, Buzzcocks, Adolescents and more—New Trends put forth catchy, classic punk jams by today’s standards that jauntily stroll alongside a trip down memory lane -Stevie Allen

Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor Whitter, CA quartet, Plague Vendor, is one part Southern rock channeled through the voodoo reincarnation of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, one part anthemic punk with a “bit of the old ultra-violence,” is wholly in your face. Switching and swaying between styles with heady ease, the band’s latest release, BLOODSWEAT, is 35 minutes of pure indulgence, stripped down, and delivered with a rawness all it’s own. -Stevie Allen


Image If you were to take all eras of punk rock and dissect the best parts, and then sew those parts back together, you'd get Posers. This band takes the raw energy of the '77 era, the heightened intelligence of the '87 era, the pop-sensilbity of the '97 era, the idealism of the '07 era, and results in one of the very best bands of the '17 era. If aliens came down and said "take us to this thing you call punk rock," I'd take 'em to Posers. This band is intelligent, creative, and they really do approach the same level as those early classics. -John Gentile


Image If you take one part Anti-Flag sans the politically charged lyrics, add in a little bit Misfits vibe sans Danzig and add some classic dirty street punk to the mix that would describe the complete vibe of Baltimore, Maryland's Ravagers. These rat obsessed street punks have released two EPS and have been cranking out their own blend of rock and roll with a punk attitude since 2012. You can get dirty with Ravagers at their set on Saturday, June 10th at Asbury Park. - Sam and Chris Barrett

Roadside Bombs

Image Looking for you're a big dose on street punk at Punk Rock Bowling? Look no further than the Roadside Bombs. The band mixes the traditional street punk with the vocals of pop punk and aren’t afraid of breaking a good three-part harmony. Look out for big sing-a-long “woahs” and some slick guitar riffs and solos from these guys. Be sure to catch the Roadside Bombs tear up Vegas at Punk Rock Bowling this year. -Ricky Frankel

Venomous Pinks

Image Part of what makes large festivals like Punk Rock Bowling so great is checking out the up and coming bands. You may find a group that could gain in popularity down the road. You never know. One of the lesser-known bands that I'll be checking is the Venomous Pinks. This band really knows how to break out the hard verses and anthemic choruses, but in their own style. Their overall attitude is “take no shit and no prisoners” and I’m really into it. The Venomous Pinks is a band that all Punk Rock Bowling attendees should check out. -Ricky Frankel