After ten years, the Mikey Erg - Against Me! prophecy has come true (kinda)

Ten years ago, Against Me! were without a drummer. Punknews, in all of its infinite wisdom, infinite clarity, infinite foresight, petitioned to have Mikey Erg elected as the new drummer for AM!. AM!'s Laura Jane Grace signed for and recieved the petiiton containing thousands of names also supporting the run. Punknews also followed Mike on the campaign trail.

And NOW, some ten rotations around the sun, exactly midway between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstace, the prophecy has COME TRUE! (Kind of). LJG just announced a new album and tour. And, on this tour, LJG will be backed by Matt Patton and… none other than… MICHAEL ERG ON DRUMS.

Finally, our demands have been met, finally all shall be made right, finally, the prophecy is FULFILLED. Behold! THE MAJESTY, MIGHT, AND GLORY OF THE LAURA JANE GRACE AND MIKEY ERG CONNECTION! (Yes, yes, Mike has drummed once or twice for LJG before, but let us have this one, okay?)