July 29th, 2007
by Sunday Edition

It's Sunday July 29th, 2007. With this week's revelations I give it a few months until we have a reactionary straight-edge xASTRONAUTx movement emerging from the basements of Houston and Florida's Space Coast. The real challenge would be to incorporate the generic black hoodie and cargo shorts into the next spacesuit design.

The people must have something good to read on a Sunday

So in a move that's sure to make several of our readers spontaneously combust, the Lawrence Arms, American Steel and Larry Arms offshoots the Falcon and Sundowner announced plans for a tour dubbed the 8th Annual Unbelievable Self-Indulgence Fest. There are no dates yet, but that didn't stop you all from losing it and screaming things like "I'm gonna fucking blow something apart if they dont [sic] make it down south." On the other hand, we have an announcement that mall-punkers Good Charlotte are touring soon with pop star Jusitin Timberlake. The things you said about this tour were less enthusiastic, all things considered. The Warped Tour is rolling on, and this week head honcho Kevin Lyman spoke with the press a few times, criticizing the supposedly "free" Ozzfest and musing on last year's feuds and this year's attendance numbers.

The Offspring have lost drummer Atom Willard, as the former Rocket from the Crypt member is giving all his time to messiah-core act Angels and Airwaves. He's been replaced by Pete Parada, who has Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio and Face to Face on his resume. Canuck pop-punk act Sum 41 was apparently in some trouble over lyrics, as it's been reported that Deryck Whibley was threatened with deportation from the US. So was that legit or just some clever PR on the eve of their new album?

A number of bands spoke about their next record this week. Dave Grohl talked about the upcoming Foo Fighters disc, also chatting about his experience in the nascent DC "emo-core" scene. Anti-Flag spoke about their upcoming benefit EP and looked ahead to their next full-length. We had album updates from across the spectrum this week, with everyone from elder statesmen Social Distortion to popsters Fall Out Boy discussing their next release. It's not just new music in the pipe, as reissues of classic material from both Fat Wreck Chords and punk pioneers the Sex Pistols were announced.

Our Video of the Week featured the Swellers performing music from their new record My Everest. We chatted with Josh Berwanger, formerly of the Anniversary and currently of the Only Children (interview). We also streamed new music from Cobra Skulls' new Red Scare full-length Sitting Army.

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