LA Weekly posts top 20 emo albums list
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Having tackled punk and hardcore, LA Weekly has now put together their top 20 emo albums of all time for which 15 bands are responsible: Braid, Cap'n Jazz, Cursive, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Jawbreaker, Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Quicksand, Rites of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas is the Reason, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring.

Check out the reasoning and list here

20JawbreakerDear You(1995)
18The AnniversaryDesigning a Nervous Breakdown(2000)
17Quicksand Manic Compression(1995)
16Cap'n Jazz Shmap'n Shmazz(1995)
15The Get Up Kids Four Minute Mile(1997)
14The Get Up KidsSomething to Write Home About(1999)
13Jawbreaker24 Hour Revenge Therapy(1994)
12Jimmy Eat WorldClarity(1999)
11Dag Nasty Can I Say?(1986)
9JawbreakerBivouac (1992)
8Jimmy Eat World Bleed American(2001)
7The Promise Ring30° Everywhere(1996)
6MineralThe Power of Falling(1997)
5The Promise Ring Nothing Feels Good(1997)
4Texas is the ReasonDo You Know Who You Are?(1996)
3Braid Frame & Canvas(1998)
2Rites of SpringRites of Spring(1985)
1Sunny Day Real EstateDiary(1994)