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.ng-section1 { font-size: small; border-bottom: 1px solid #C5C5C5; width: 70%; font-weight: bold; padding: 1em 0 0em 2em; } .ng-section2 { font-size: xx-small; padding: 0 0 2em 3em; } Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I'm Adam White and I'll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here's what got the community talking this week… The People Must Have Something Good To Read On A Sunday This week's most popular stories A new album from Rancid is an event to be sure, and there was no shortage of news from their camp this week. The new album Let The Dominoes Fall was unveiled to the public with a stream on MySpace this week. The band's upcoming tour partners Rise Against also had some kind words to say about the popular East Bay punks act. Also this week legendary producer Phil Spector, famous for his "wall of sound" production technique and work with bands from the Ronettes to Tina Turner to the Beatles to the Ramones, was sentenced for murder this week. Spector was found guilty of murdering actress Lana Clarkson, and is set to serve 19 years to life.

Hopeless act All Time Low is set to release Nothing Personal this July and detailed the record this week. Polar Bear Club announced the title and release date of their sophomore full length, titled Chasing Hamburg. Brooklyn, NY's The Brass (featuring members of On The Might Of Princes and Latterman) have announced the release of their upcoming 7". The Bouncing Souls premiered the first volume of their 20th Anniversary TV Spectacular. A Wilhelm Scream posted a studio clip of them working on their upcoming EP. On the tour circuit look for Brand New on the road in the US soon. Look for a summer tour featuring Anchor Down, In The Red and Bastards Of Young. Social Distortion have added some US and Canadian dates supported by Civet and the Strangers. Fake Problems will also be on the road with Kiss Kiss and Ninja Gun. This week brought new audio from Sky Eats Airplane with their cover of nu-metal relic "Nookie." Speaking of covers William Elliott Whitmore performed a cover of Bad Religion's "Don't Pray On Me" from their 1995 album Recipe For Hate.

This week we said goodbye to multi-instrumentalist, producer and former member of Wilco (Jay Bennett (1963-2009). I Can't Control My Fingers I Can't Control My Brain New feature content, weekly columns and exclusives will be represented this year at the 2009 San Francisco AIDS Walk on July 19th. The current team features Punknews readers, staff from Fat Wreck Chords and our pal Mike Park of Asian Man Records. You can register here or make a general donation here.

Our Dispatches series of band blogs featured Rochester, NY's Sakes Alive!! as they prepared their new EP (video intro). This week we spoke with Roger Manganelli of Rehasher (interview), and Zach Byrne and Andy Kavanaugh of The Goodnight Loving (interview). So what's coming up this week? Look for new releases from Dave House, 311, Rancid, Spinnerette, Subb, Taking Back Sunday with tours kicking off from All Time Low and Set Your Goals on the Take Action Tour Australia, This Time Next Year / A Loss for Words (US), Rise Against / Rancid / Riverboat Gamblers / Billy Talent (US / Canada), Lemuria (UK), Dillinger Four (US), Darkest Hour (US / Europe), Mastodon (UK), and Alexisonfire (US / Europe).

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Radio Free Punknews
Streaming music

Check the Punknews Music page to stream all sorts of anticipated new music including the new full length from Sweden's Smalltown, Winnipeg's Sights and Sounds (members of Comeback Kid, Sick City and Figure Four), the new full length from Orebro, Sweden's Let Me Out, Montreal's Yesterday's Ring (features members of The Sainte Catherines and Fifth Hour Hero), a new record from Grand Rapids, MI's North Lincoln, the new digital EP/7-inch from Scranton, PA's the Menzingers, the new album from Kent, OH-based Annabel, Asbury Park, NJ's Detournement (members of Bigwig, Ensign, Lifetime, Plan A Project and Worthless United), Crusade by Long Island, NY-based Incendiary, the new full length from Boston, MA-based Disappearer, a new full length from Mike Hale of Gunmoll and In The Red, the new album punk veterans NOFX, the final discography from Worcester, MA's Last Lights, Minneapolis, MN based Photo Finish Records act A Verse Unsung, Cincinnati, OH's Pomegranates, the new full length from Kensington, CT's My Heart to Joy, Hotel Bible from Toronto's Junior Battles, Doylestown, PA's War Pigs, Los Angeles, CA's Black President, and Golden City, the new project from Eric Richter of emo/punk pioneers Christie Front Drive.

It's Funny, I Don't Feel Like a Winner

Propagandhi: "Dear Coach's Corner"
To celebrate the track "Dear Coach's Corner" from their new album Supporting Caste, the band decided to team up with us to offer you a fun and unique contest. The premise is simple: using one of three available photos as reference, design an image (using Photoshop, MS Paint, cut and paste collage, hand drawn picture etc) that depicts the members of the band with Don Cherry and/or Ron McLean from the popular Canadian television broadcast, Hockey Night in Canada. Three winners will be personally chosen by the band, with each receiving a copy of Supporting Caste on vinyl, and an autographed poster.

Shook Ones: European Quiz-O-Rama
Bellingham, WA's Shook Ones recently made a trip across the pond to Europe and compiled a collection of video footage which has been edited into a trivia contest. The first entry involves one of the biggest action movie stars. I'll give you a hint: he pulls his pants up high to not look so short. The band is preparing to release their new LP, The Unquotable A.M.H., via Paper+Plastick.

Win autographed Rise Against vinyl
We've got an autographed copy of Rise Against's new 7-inch EP released on Fat Wreck Chords to give away to one lucky winner. The new 7-inch features "Grammatizator" and "Voice Of Dissent" and reunites them with Fat after a number of releases on Geffen.

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Your trusty Punknews staffers and reviewers have all sorts of projects on the go, everything from poorly spelled and oft neglected blogs to big official world domination schemes. Make sure to check out editor and videographer Chris Moran collection of recordings online at Vimeo, editor Justin August's blogs Kinder Words and, editor Adam White's blogs 2:59 and, editor Jesse Raub's short fiction webzine Bitter Press, and reviews editor Brian Shultz' blogs Over Looked and Witness.

Of course your day wouldn't be complete without knowing every inane detail of your humble editors' lives. Follow @adamwhite, @jesseraub, @justinaugust, @brian_shultz, @bconoley and @ bryneyancey's every move at Twitter.

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